As per a recent WHO report one in 10 Indians will develop cancer. In 2018 there were more than 12 lakh reported cases of cancer and close to 8 lakh deaths. The numbers are only expected to grow in future.

The expertise to treat cancer requires lot of training and experience and is not easily available. Generally three modalities of treatment are used for cancer

• Surgical oncology

• Medical oncology

• Radiation oncology

It is a well-known fact that the outcomes of cancer treatment are significantly better when all the three specialists work in close cooperation.

The “Cancer Companions Clinic” (CCC) was created with the objective that patients can meet the specialists of all the three specialties under one roof. The oncologists can discuss the patient details together and give a single recommendation. This would not only save the patient time and energy but also avoid confusion with regard to the sequence of their treatment.
We strongly believe in a personalized approach in cancer care where in care will be offered as per the needs of the patient at a cost which the patient can afford.

Nowadays, the Laparoscopic Cancer Surgery is becoming a highly popular option for undergoing surgical oncology. For this, we have to thank Dr. Sandeep Nayak, the best oncologist in India.

It was because of his efforts and hard work that people in India became aware of this advanced technique for cancer treatment.
More and more people are choosing the Laparoscopic method of surgery as the benefits of the same are much more than the traditional open cancer surgery.

Helps the patient to recover faster.

  • It ensures minimum pain and discomfort to the patient.
  • During surgery, the doctor does not have to make a big cut.
  • The camera and the surgical instruments are inserted into the body through small cuts
  • Due to small incisions, the surgery is comparatively scar-free as compared to the conventional open cancer surgery.
  • Laparoscopy cancer surgery is also known as Minimal Access Cancer Surgery (MACS).